Women’s March on Montpelier Art Party Video

There was a place for every person on this collective art project that created art, banners, and signage for the Women’s March on Montpelier and Unity Rally. It was like and an artistic potluck with many hands painting on cloth and cardboard and stitching on fabric with multiple colors. Brothers and sisters working side-by-side are just magical.

Vermont Welcomes National Youth Ambassador for the Women’s March

Kiran Waqar Women's March on Washington Youth Ambassador

One of our very own Vermont marchers has been chosen as a National Youth Ambassador for the Women’s March’s across the country. Kiran Waqar is one of the 29 girls in this position, and we are thrilled to have her here in Vermont for our March on Montpelier January 21st.

The Women’s March on Washington (WMW) is proud to launch its WMW Youth Ambassador program specifically targeting the activism, interests and unique perspectives of our child, adolescent, and teenage populations.

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Art Party Photos

Many hands made great banners, signs, and artwork on Saturday, January 14 for the Women’s March and Unity Rally.