Women’s March Vermont sponsored and supported a March for our Youth!

March for Our Future. January 20th, 2018.

Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s leaders too …

The March For Our Future stands for progress, not regression, on the issues that affect young people and our planet. Our voices need to be heard and our actions need to be realized. This generation is alive now, and we are taking action to create a better future. For more details about this national youth March visit: marchforourfuture.com or their Facebook page.

The Muslim Girls at Women's March Vermont

Vermont, love won in Women’s March on Montpelier and Unity Rally on January 21, 2017

Women's March on Montpelier, VT

15,000-20,000 strong marched in Vermont’s Women’s March on Montpelier, and more waving their signs in solidarity from the highway. Speakers who told the truth and inspired our hearts to action. Vermont stood proud, with our messages of peace, unity, and action in solidarity with millions of other human beings around the globe. Continue reading “Vermont, love won in Women’s March on Montpelier and Unity Rally on January 21, 2017”

Women’s March on Montpelier Art Party Video

There was a place for every person on this collective art project that created art, banners, and signage for the Women’s March on Montpelier and Unity Rally. It was like and an artistic potluck with many hands painting on cloth and cardboard and stitching on fabric with multiple colors. Brothers and sisters working side-by-side are just magical.