Guiding Principles

Goal:  A just and liberated community

Guiding principles:

Women's March Vermont will base participation and decision-making on guiding principles that are based on the progressive principles set forth by the Women's March, yet tailored to the diverse Vermont social climate.

We are bold.  The WMOW vision is bold, and as Vermonters we must remain focused on improving and respecting the quality of life for all Vermonters. We encourage venturing out of one’s comfort zone, questioning social norms, and speaking truth to power. Our collective voice will push through to new levels of social justice in the face of oppression.

We check privilege at the door.  Vermont's values must represent the state's whole community, and must be driven by the needs of the whole community. The WMV team will be accountable to the community and will set goals toward intersectional organizing. The WMV team will support, amplify, facilitate and make magic for the community as done for the March.  

We center women of color and diversity:  Vermont is a primarily white state, and people of color have been and continue to be marginalized and unheard.  Women of color must be centered and occupy a decision-making seat at the table, as marginalized populations hold the deep understanding and frame of reference that is required to drive change. White women will remain present, hold space for healing, listen, and acknowledge that white privilege exists.

We promote equality:  Vermonters living within or working toward each unity principle as set forth by the Women’s March and Women’s March Vermont must occupy a decision-making seat at the table.  Intersectionality will be respected and valued. We will strive to understand all aspects of personal, cultural, and institutional oppression as it pertains to nationality, race, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, gender, age, socio-economic and employment status.  

We respect community:  WMV will use its resources and visibility to connect and support social justice organizations working in Vermont.  Initiatives and priorities will be determined by objective, accessible and transparent methodology. Group leaders and advisors will represent marginalized groups and also commit to connection with all areas of the state.   

We value Youth:  Children of all ages are acutely aware and their voices must be respected and valued. Children, teens and young adults will also have a seat at the table. WMV and the community will provide mentorship and guidance to give Vermont youth the tools to become equitable and informed future leaders.